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USB Drive Tricks – Carry Your Programs with you

September 22, 2009 Leave a comment
1.Carry Your Programs with you

Most of us would have come across this situation when you take your files to another computer just to discover that there is no software installed to read that file.


This is a quick  solution. Just install the programs in your USB drive.

Visit  Portable Apps website and download the software you want and install it to the root of your USB drive.

Thats it..Next time you connect the USB drive the installed apllication opens up automatically.

2.Starting a Program Automatically

If you want a program to start automatically when the USB drive is plugged in, then follow these simple steps.

1.  Paste the following script in Notepad.





2.  Now replace filename with fullpath to the file.

( Example : Suppose the program you want to start is Firefox , which is in a folder called Browser in your USB drive then it would be /Browser/Firefox.exe )

3. Replace description with a short description of the program,  like Mozilla Firefox.

Save the file as autorun.inf. In  the save menu, select All programs ,not “Text document”!.