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Virtual Box is a Free software from Sun which allows you to set up a sterile environment to test out questionable apps, experiment with beta programs. its purpose is to launch an entirely different operating system.

With this Tool we are going to  install Windows 7 on a Mac.This Tutorial will show you how to do it.VirtualBox is for people who don’t already have a virtual environment. VirtualBox makes it possible to  install Windows 7 on a partition without a restart , which cannot be done using Bootcamp.

You will need an Image file of Windows 7 Operating Sytem.

To get started, download and Install  VirtualBox (Mac or Windows).

Launch VirtualBox and create a New Virtual Machine. Give a  Name to the New Virtual Machine and Set the RAM to 1GB for smoother performance. Leave all other settings as default.

Now , Start the  new virtual machine, and choose to install Windows from CD/DVD . In the Media Source section of that same window, choose your Windows 7 image file.

Next, the installation starts ,and when it asks which type of installation you want, choose Custom (Advanced).

The Next window asks you where to install Windows,  install it in the default location (which will be your 20GB virtual hard drive). and you will have your Windows 7 os in that drive .

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