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Stop Checkdisk on Startup

Tired of seeing this screen on every Startup , Well this method allows you to get rid of this problem.

The steps shows how to remove checkdisk on startup for C drive.

1.  First click  Start >  Run>  and bring up a command prompt by typing in “CMD”

2. Type ”  fsutil dirty query C: (without the quotes). It will tell you that drive is dirty.

3. Next Type  CHKNTFS /X C:

The X tells Windows to NOT check that particular drive on the next reboot. At this time, manually reboot your computer, it should not do a Chkdsk and take you directly to Windows.

Once Windows has fully loaded ,

4. Cick  Start >  Run>  and bring up a command prompt  again by typing in “CMD”.

5. Type  Chkdsk /f /r C:

This should take you through 5 stages of the scan and will unset that dirty bit.

6. Finally, type  fsutil dirty query C:

Windows will now confirm that the dirty bit is not set on that drive.

Done .

Just change the drive letter to perform this on other drives.

NOTE : Disabling checkdisk  this way will not harm the integrity of the harddrive data structure. Chkdsk can be run manually at any time by the user even after this fix has been applied.

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